The Six Dimensions of Next-Generation Learning


Can you imagine an education landscape that activates, for each and every learner, a clear and well-supported pathway to success in college, career, and civic life? Next Generation Learning Challenges is a collaborative, multiyear initiative designed to leverage the power of technology to construct those pathways to be accessible, affordable, effective, and tied to the demands of 21st-century life.

Taking cues from our grantees—developers of innovative tools and forward-thinking institutions, organizations, and public agencies fundamentally redesigning secondary and postsecondary education—NGLC has identified six essential dimensions of next-generation learning:

  1. learning goals focused on deeper, more comprehensive outcomes
  2. measurement of progress through embedded and adaptive assessment
  3. learning designs that are personalized, competency-based, and supportive
  4. blended and open-source implementation and change management
  5. conditions that enable “breakthrough models” to succeed
  6. broad and rapid scaling to match the widespread need

Join NGLC staff to learn more about this emerging landscape, provide your feedback, and discover how your peers are putting next generation learning into practice on their campuses.

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