Central IT Support Services


This CDS Spotlight focuses on data from the 2012 Core Data Service to better understand how higher education institutions provide central IT support services. Information provided for this spotlight was derived from Module 2 of CDS, which asked several questions regarding support services offered by central IT organizations. Support services within the central IT organization offer a broad, diverse range of IT expertise to distinct customers with different needs. Institutions use their central IT support services functions to help faculty, staff, students, and distributed IT staff fully leverage centrally provided institutional IT services.

The ECAR CDS Spotlight Research Bulletin Series highlights findings from the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service, focusing on a small but meaningful slice of data collected in the CDS. These selected highlights are intended to provide context and meaning for CDS benchmarks that may be of especially broad interest, be especially timely, or draw connections between research from ECAR and CDS. The series is featured along with other CDS publications on the CDS website, http://www.educause.edu/coredata, and is now available to eligible ECAR subscribers as part of the ECAR subscription.

Citation for this work: Workman, Sue B., and Cathy O’Bryan. “Central IT Support Services” (Research Bulletin). Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, August 12, 2012, available from http://www.educause.edu/ecar.

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