Creating MOOCs for College Credit: SJSU's Partnership with edX and Udacity


In fall 2012, an SJSU team of administrators and faculty decided to use and develop MOOC materials in for-credit courses.  This meant that the courses would not be free or even massive but would aim for a higher enrollment than traditional courses. We were interested in two different models. One was to use previously created edX materials in traditional blended or flipped courses, and the other was for our faculty to create completely new online courses partnering with Udacity. This bulletin some of the many steps undertaken at SJSU to develop for-credit MOOCs, including challenges related to faculty development and business practices.

Citation for this Work: Cheal, Catheryn. “Creating MOOCs for College Credit” (Research Bulletin). Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, August 14, 2013, available from

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