Maximizing Competency Education and Blended Learning: Insights from Experts


Written by Susan Patrick and Chris Sturgis. CompetencyWorks Issue Brief.

In May 2014, CompetencyWorks brought together twenty-three technical assistance providers to examine their catalytic role in implementing next generation learning models, share each other’s knowledge and expertise about blended learning and competency education, and discuss next steps to move the field forward with a focus on equity and quality. Our strategy maintains that by building the knowledge and networks of technical assistance providers, these groups can play an even more catalytic role in advancing the field. The objective of the convening was to help educate and level set the understanding of competency education and its design elements, as well as to build knowledge about using blended learning modalities within competency-based environments.

The insights in this paper are an accumulation of the knowledge and creativity of the twenty-three experts who convened in May 2014 to discuss how to accelerate the transformation of districts and schools to personalized, competency-based, blended learning models.

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