IPAS Evaluation and Assessment Guide


This report consists of two main parts. The first addresses a host of methodological and procedural issues related to the evaluation and assessment of IT projects in general and IPAS projects in particular. The second is concerned with comparing and contrasting the real-world evaluation and assessment experiences of four institutions that have recently launched IPAS projects.

Key Findings

  • Institutions need to develop a protocol for assessment and evaluation during the project planning stages for their IPAS initiatives.
  • There is no one correct way to evaluate and/or assess an IPAS project.
  • Institutional type and resources influence, but do not determine, the assessment and evaluation options available.
  • The topic of data is central to any discussion that institutions should have regarding IPAS evaluation and assessment.
  • Aligning and operationalizing goals and outcomes with meaningful variables are essential processes to any evaluation or assessment protocol.
  • The major obstacle for smaller institutions is related to the human resources available to design and execute protocols and to conduct the analysis and reporting of results.
  • Institutions need to be comfortable with uncertainty in outcomes, resilient in data-collection efforts, and patient with regard to having results that demonstrate impact.


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