2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Privacy

2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Privacy

As we imagine together what the future of higher education might look like, there is power in highlighting positive, generative visions that can help inspire us to plan and take steps toward a more desirable future state. Drawing on the insights of a small panel of higher education privacy experts and building on work previously done in the 2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report | Information Security Edition, this Horizon Action Plan is offered to the privacy and higher education communities as an actionable tool to help guide our thinking about tomorrow and to help inspire us to plan and take action today.

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Goals for Our Future State

Institutions; Students, Faculty, and Staff; Communities

Asked to imagine what their institutions could look like in the future if they were to begin implementing effective privacy strategies today, our Privacy Action Plan panelists offered a hopeful vision for their institutions; for their staff, faculty, and students; and even for our local and global communities.

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Line from Easier to More Difficult. Points from left to right: Short-Term, Mid-Term, Long-Term

With the future states for higher education institutions in mind, what actions did our panelists identify that might help privacy professionals and their institutions begin to make progress in those directions? If we tie a thread from the desired future states to our present-day planning and practice, we can begin to take the important step of converting our future hopes into current actions.

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Planning for the Road Ahead

Boxes with Actions (Easy and Difficult for: Short-Term, Mid-Term, Long-term) and an arrow pointing through all of them to one big box labelled 'Goals and elements of the future you want to make'.  Credit: copyright 2018 Institute for the Future. All rights reserved. SR-2012 | CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Many of our institutions share similar experiences with the privacy challenges and opportunities highlighted throughout this report, enabling us to find a common ground and dream together about our collective futures. And yet our paths forward are wholly unique to each particular constellation of institutional contexts, goals, and resources, and it's up to each of us to determine whether and how our own institution will respond and adapt to those possible futures.

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Expert Panel

The 2021 Horizon Action Plan panel was composed of 15 higher education privacy experts.

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