What does it take for students to pass their courses, return to continue their studies each term, and graduate college with a degree, prepared for a career or further study, citizenship, and a lifetime of learning?

Here’s the reality in the United States today: just 56 percent of bachelor’s degree students graduate in six years and only 29 percent of associate’s degree students graduate in three-years. Among low-income students, completion rates are even lower: 45 percent for full-time and 17 percent for part-time bachelor’s degree seekers and 12 percent for full-time and 4 percent for part-time associate’s degree students.

It requires institution-wide solutions and a coordinated effort of the entire system of higher education to dramatically change these dismal outcomes in learning, retention and persistence, and completion. Key student success issues are costs, educational quality, structured pathways, academic preparation, student engagement, an increasingly diverse student body, advising and student supports, targeted interventions, actionable data and analytics, and robust and integrated technologies.

Many institutions and associations, like EDUCAUSE, are taking on the necessary comprehensive changes and designing new solutions to help all students achieve the success they desire.

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