This resource page provides educational materials for the higher education community regarding mental health and wellness. Whether you are managing people virtually in a crisis and trying to provide emotional support, looking for resources to raise awareness about mental health and wellness on your campus, or seeking to better understand stress, burnout, and personal well-being, we wanted to create a centralized place to share useful information.

“Amidst all the change that is going on, it’s important to remember to lead change with compassion.” – Mind Share Partners

Coping During a Crisis
Organizations with a Focus on Mental Health and Wellness:

Note: During the month of May the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will be raising awareness of mental health as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. Learn more about how you or your organization can show support.

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Recent Spotlight

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Mental Health and Higher Education

    7 Things You Should Know About Mental Health and Higher Education

    Mental health has become the subject of open, honest discussion in higher education and beyond. Fallout from the pandemic thrust mental health into an even broader, brighter spotlight, exposing long-standing sources of stress, anxiety, and depression and creating new ones. Mental health is integral to one’s ability to succeed academically, and colleges and universities must work to expose the sources and consequences of mental health disorders and find ways to address them.

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