Badges represent a way of acknowledging achievements or skill acquisition at a more granular level than a college degree. The resources below provide an overview of the uses of digital badges in higher education and their implications for how individual accomplishments can be awarded, recognized, and shared. 

EDUCAUSE Activities

In support of the higher education IT community, EDUCAUSE has implemented a badging program. Those meeting the established criteria have an opportunity to earn and display digital badges in recognition of their engagement with the association. When you earn, display, and share badges, you help draw attention to your community involvement and professional development experiences.

Recent Blogs about the EDUCAUSE Badge Program:

The Microcredentials and Badges constituent group provides a discussion space for all aspects of research, design, and implementation of microcredentialing and/or digital badging systems. Contributions on all aspects of the process of creating badges and badge systems are welcome, as well as questions and reflections on the emerging ecosystem of Open Badging and what it means for traditional educational and professional development paradigms.

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