The Role of Partnerships in Developing Interactive Television Technology for Distance Learning Applications


This presentation describes how the cultivation of intra-campus and inter-campus partnerships has led to the development of interactive television (ITV) capability at over 50 educational and governmental sites throughout Michigan and has expanded to a nine-state consortium. ITV via dial-up circuits has proven to be a powerful and cost-effective distance learning technology. The external partnership included the formation and development of the Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association (MiCTA). Organized in 1982, MiCTA today is composed of 65 college and university members, over 50 public sector and governmental members (K-12 systems, state agencies, hospitals and libraries), and over 50 associate members. A second external partner was the Michigan Association of College and University Purchasing Administrators (MACUPA), which proved to be instrumental in the implementation of the distance learning network. The use of ITV for curricular applications at several institutions and future technological extensions will be discussed.

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