Institutions in Transformation - New Demography, New Technology, and New Faculty Roles


Many mainstream NLII institutions are experiencing a change in the demographics of their students, faculty and staff. This change mirrors the Nation's demography as it becomes increasingly populated by individuals of different nationalities, languages, and ages. In addition, institutions of higher education are exploring international education programs. Institutions which have been traditionally culturally diverse have already tackled the issues, experienced the working lessons and developed effective practices in dealing with instructional delivery that is culturally relevant in this diverse environment. These institutions also have a long tradition of being learner-centered, and have applied this tradition in their implementation of alternative instructional delivery systems, particularly in taking advantage of the ability of new technologies to provide customized learning environments. This presentation will offer case studies in how such institutions have integrated technology into their instruction to be responsive to culturally diverse learners, and will cover the learning theory, learning styles, and cultural issues that arise.

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