The UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative: Sixteen Campuses Working Together to Promote TLT


The UNC TLT Collaborative, created by the President of the University of North Carolina in 1999, is a consortial organization of the sixteen campuses of the UNC system. Its mission is to promote communication, research, professional development, resource sharing, resource development, and policy development in the area of teaching and learning with technology. The Collaborative's major start-up initiatives are the design and implementation of a Professional Development Portal, several system-wide faculty and staff development activities (including support and promotion of the Merlot project), and a number of programs to assist campus support of TLT. This presentation will review the organization and initial projects of the UNC TLT Collaborative, and will report on "lessons learned" as this young consortium works to effect systemic support and change in the area of teaching and learning with technology.

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