The Authority of Consensus: Next-Generation Course Management Systems


A diverse set of participants at the NLII 2003 Spring Focus Session on next-generation course management systems (CMSs) agreed to share a common conceptual framework of learner-centered principles, and within that framework, discussed how the use of a course management system can support teaching practices and learning activities that result in deeper learning. The participants identified and prioritized a set of related issues and functional requirements for next-generation CMS. An NLII workgroup was chartered in response to the recommendations of the participants, and four teams emerged and developed the following work products, which will be shared with the NLII Annual Meeting attendees:
- Refined conceptual framework for orienting the use of CMSs around learner-centered principles
- Suite of scenarios for the use of next-generation CMSs
- Intra-institutional issues and recommendations for the use of next-generation CMSs to support deeper learning

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