IT Collaboration: Multi-Institutional Partnerships to Develop, Manage, and Operate IT Resources



This 2007 ECAR research study explores multi-institutional collaboration in terms of the types of information technology (IT) collaborations in higher education and the practices associated with positive outcomes. The study is based on a literature review to identify issues and develop research questions; a screening survey of 586 colleges and universities to distinguish collaborators from non-collaborators; a follow-up survey tailored for 157 institutions presently engaged in at least one form of collaboration and a separate follow-up survey tailored for 113 institutions that have elected not to participate in IT collaborations; qualitative interviews with IT leaders from 30 institutions including both collaborators and non-collaborators; consultation with a select group of chief information officers who are extensively engaged in collaboration; and two in-depth case studies that look at how collaborators form, manage, and sustain their ventures.

Table of Contents
Entire Study IT Collaboration: Multi-Institutional Partnerships to Develop, Manage, and Operate IT Resources [PDF 2,410 KB]
  Foreword [PDF 120 KB]
Ch. 1 Executive Summary [PDF 202 KB]
Ch. 2 Introduction [PDF 138 KB]
Ch. 3 Methodology [PDF 171 KB]
Ch. 4 The Collaboration Landscape [PDF 311 KB]
Ch. 5 The Collaborators [PDF 245 KB]
Ch. 6 Forming and Managing Collaborations [PDF 432 KB]
Ch. 7 Succeeding at Collaboration [PDF 309 KB]
Ch. 8 A Closer Look at Non-Collaborators [PDF 294 KB]
Ch. 9 The Future of Collaboration [PDF 214 KB]
Appendix A Institutional Respondents to the Screening Survey [PDF 113 KB]
Appendix B Institutional Respondents to the Collaborator Survey [PDF 72 KB]
Appendix C Institutional Respondents to the Non-Collaborator Survey [PDF 69 KB]
Appendix D Interviewees in Qualitative Research [PDF 72 KB]
Appendix E Focus Group Participants [PDF 56 KB]
Appendix F References [PDF 82 KB]
Case Studies
The Kuali Group: Effective Practices and Structures Foster a Successful Collaboration [PDF 1,326 KB]
Disaster Recovery: A Multi-Institutional Collaboration at the University of California System [PDF 1,257 KB]
Online Supporting Materials
Key Findings [PDF 477 KB]
Roadmap [PDF 182 KB]
Survey Instrument—Collaborators [PDF 169 KB]
Survey Instrument—Non-Collaborators [PDF 86 KB]

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