Touchstone Education: Merit Prep Newark


Updated November 2013

The model for this 6-12 charter school located in Newark, NJ hinges on six key values: achievement, innovation, excellence, teamwork, urgency, and integrity, and attempts to maximize the best of both technology and "offline" time with teachers and peers. Each day students log in to the Touchstone Scoreboard which shows their daily schedule of online content and which skills they need to conquer; they work from online playlists that teachers personalize for students. The model is explicitly designed to scale. 

The two-page grantee profiles from Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) provide factual information about the secondary school and postsecondary degree program designs awarded grants under NGLC's third wave of funding, which focused on two areas, "Breakthrough Models for College Readiness" and "Breakthrough Models for College Completion." Each profile describes what makes each model "breakthrough" and offers important information about the instructional and financial models, student demographics, hardware and software choices, and contact info. These profiles serve to illustrate the innovations of these new blended and online models, with practical details of interest to those planning and starting a new school or degree program.

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