2012 ECAR Study of Analytics in Higher Education

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Analytics in Higher Education: Benefits, Barriers, Progress, and Recommendations
The objectives of this research were to assess the current state of analytics in higher education, outline the challenges and barriers to using analytics, and develop a maturity index to provide a common means of assessing progress in analytics.

2012 ECAR Study of Analytics in Higher Education is publicly accessible thanks to generous support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

*This maturity index has been integrated into the EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service.

Key Findings

  • Analytics is widely viewed as important, but data use at most institutions is still limited to reporting.
  • Analytics programs are most successful when various constituents—IR, IT, functional leaders, and executives—work in partnership.
  • Where analytics is concerned, investment is the area in which higher education institutions are making the least progress.
  • Institutions should focus their investments on expertise, process, and policies before acquiring new tools or collecting additional data.
  • Institutions that have made more progress in Investment, Culture/Process, Data/Reporting/Tools, Expertise, and Governance/Infrastructure are more likely to use data to make predictions or projections or to trigger action in a variety of areas.

Getting Started with Analytics Videos: Words of Wisdom from the Experts

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