How Technology Can Transform Pedagogy


Beyond MOOCs: Is IT Creating a New, Connected Age? A 3 Day Sprint - July 31st, 2013

In the second day of the EDUCAUSE Sprint 2013, Hank Lucas, professor of information systems at the University of Maryland, discusses the nuts and bolts of MOOCs through the lens of his research on disruptive technology. Eric Grimson, MIT chancellor and EdX pioneer, explores rethinking a residential education in a world of online and digital tools. Susan Grajek, vice president for data, research, and analysis at EDUCAUSE, presents findings from the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research report on e-learning in higher education, a national study that analyzes the state of e-learning in higher education, identifies challenges, and outlines opportunities for improvement.

Large-scale, data-supported online learning is changing the learning experience, the composition of a classroom, and the definition of "quality" education. As institutions explore MOOCS and what comes next, they are discovering how technology can improve outcomes through scale and collaboration.
Join us today as we discuss topics including:
  1. If we took advantage of the best technology had to offer, what would students and faculty experience?
  2. How do institutions balance between large-scale, online learning and highly personalized learning?
  3. How are institutions leveraging the best of e-learning potential?


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