IT as a Force of Change


Beyond MOOCs: Is IT Creating a New, Connected Age? A 3 Day Sprint - July 30th, 2013

In the opening session for the EDUCAUSE Sprint 2013, Elliot Masie, CEO of the MASIE Center, discusses the perspectives of employers on the future of learning and skills acquisition, the role large-scale online learning is playing in professional development, and how MOOCs are changing employers' relationships with traditional higher education. Chris Dede, the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard University, explores what the not-so-distant future could look like if we fully integrate the power of technology into the teaching and learning experience
In this session, the speakers reflect on large-scale online learning in the connected age and explore answers to the following questions:
  1. What are MOOCs today?
  2. What are the forces that are catalyzing change in higher education?
  3. What are MOOCs likely to be next year or 3 years from now?

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