Good Intentions, Bad Legislation


The authors of this opinion piece in Inside Higher Education, layout their their reasons for their oppostition to this piece of legislation, the TEACH (Technology, Equality and Accessibility in College and Higher Education) Act. ACE and EDUCAUSE, along with 19 other higher education groups representing nearly every American college and university, have serious concerns about what the TEACH Act would mean for higher education’s ability to use technology to advance learning. They feel legislation would actually prevent schools from using new technology to better serve their  students, including students with disabilities. Instead of providing helpful, voluntary guidelines, the TEACH Act would effectively require colleges to only use technologies that meet guidelines created by a federal agency, or risk being sued.

Terry W. Hartle (ACE) has written additional opinion pieces on this proposed legislation.

Organizations Have ‘Serious Concerns’ About the Teach Act, Chronicle of Higher Education.

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