2015 Study of Faculty and Information Technology Report


This second year of the faculty technology study is situated in the middle of what is surely one of the most dynamic decades in the history of higher education. Colleges and universities are monitoring or actively participating in some remarkable tectonic changes, including new technologies, new models for teaching and learning, and even new institutional models. With the 2015 annual EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues list, we said that we are at an inflection point and that deploying technologies in appropriate ways can make significant differences for our students and for us. This year’s faculty technology study shows these activities well under way.

Key Findings

  • Faculty own a variety of technologies, possess generally positive dispositions and attitudes toward technology, and use it extensively.
  • Faculty have considerable experience teaching with technology, especially using digital learning environments.
  • Faculty claim that they would adopt technology more if they had evidence of its impact on student learning.
  • Faculty are motivated by the prospect of having release time to design or redesign their courses.
  • A majority of faculty think that mobile technology can enhance student learning.
Other papers and related resources are available at the 2015 Student and Faculty Technology Research Studies research hub.

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