Technology in Higher Education: Defining the Strategic Leader


Information technology is so much the fabric of the university that its presence is often not fully recognized. The focus in the IT organization has shifted from a tactical to a strategic perspective. With the demand for IT only growing, understanding how IT leaders can best lead in these efforts is essential.

In early 2014, EDUCAUSE and Jisc came together to address a common concern: Understanding the skills required by technology leaders in higher education was an issue often overlooked and one needing immediate attention. The two organizations convened a working group of 10 leading U.S. and U.K. IT leaders to define a set of desired technology leadership characteristics and capabilities, now and in the future. This report identifies 10 key roles played by the IT leaders, describes what each of these roles entails, and outlines the essential skills required to perform them. 

See also the related report "Technology in Higher Education: Guiding Aspiring Leaders", (February 2016) and the related article "The IT Leader Today," which points to and summarizes interviews of many of the working group members about what it means to be an IT leader today (June 8, 2015).

CITATION FOR THIS WORK: Technology in Higher Education: Defining the Strategic Leader. Research report. Jisc and EDUCAUSE, March 2015.


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