Technology in Higher Education: Guiding Aspiring Leaders

In May 2015 EDUCAUSE and Jisc convened a new working group of ten UK and U.S. IT leaders and challenged them to explore the question “How do we best prepare the next generation to lead?

The working group members were given a number of guiding questions to help them in their discussions:

  • What guidance and assistance can help aspiring IT leaders navigate routes and pathways to progress to leadership roles?

  • What can current IT leaders do to provide a pipeline for ambitious staff and future leaders?

  • How can we ensure that the higher education sector will realize the full benefits of digital technology in education and research by recruiting, training, and retaining the best in IT talent?

See also the related report "Technology in Higher Education: Defining the Strategic Leader", (March 2015).

CITATION FOR THIS WORK: Technology in Higher Education: Guiding Aspiring Leaders. Research report. Jisc and EDUCAUSE, February 2016.

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