Educational Technology and Faculty Development in Higher Education


Assisting faculty with the instructional integration of information technology and the optimization of technology in teaching and learning are enduring themes in the top 10 IT issues in higher education. One way an institution can do this is to align institutional practices with student and faculty perceptions about their technology experiences and expectations. The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) annual surveys of students and faculty bring the respective experiences and expectations of these populations to the table. This report looks across EDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS) and ECAR resources to tell the story about how faculty use technology, how students experience technology, and how institutional practices support educational technology. Together, the findings from these sources provide a three-dimensional perspective for how technologies in the teaching and learning environment are used by faculty, consumed by students, and supported by institutions.

This publication is part of the 2014 Student and Faculty Technology Research.

Citation for this Work: Dahlstrom, Eden. Educational Technology and Faculty Development in Higher Education. Research report. Louisville, CO: ECAR, June 2015. Available from http://www.educause.edu/ecar.

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