Academic Success and Educational Technology: Analysis of Student Needs and Expectations


Lethbridge College, located in Alberta, Canada, reviewed and analyzed student survey feedback acquired through the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. Seven themes were generated in response to one question: "What can instructors do with technology to better facilitate and support the academic success of students?" Collectively, the themes indicated that students have a wide range of learning related needs that can be addressed, in part, by technology, and that they are looking to their instructors to adopt and/or utilize select technologies more to better support their academic success.

EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community (ETRAC) is based on data from the annual student and semiannual faculty surveys which are administered locally by colleges and universities throughout the United States. ECAR analyzes the data and publishes resources on technology ownership, use patterns, and expectations. The research helps institutions frame and answer key questions about what their students and faculty need and hope for from technology, which supports the institution's development of strategic objectives for educational technology.

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