ELI Webinar: Open Standards: the Key to Building Digital Learning Environments


We all know that our institutions are hard pressed to keep up with all the demands for innovation and continuous improvement with respect to the teaching and learning mission. Since our learning environments are highly dependent upon digital technology, the campus IT architecture and infrastructure must become highly agile. A key enabler of this agility is open standards, ones that allow us to add digital components to more easily modify our digital learning environments. From procurement to adoption, learn how three institutions are leveraging open standards and practices to promote plug and play for educational technology, to accomplish low-cost integrations of digital resources, and to improve the flow of learner data in support of analytics.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the current open standards that are relevant to teaching and learning;
  2. Learn about how some institutions are utilizing open standards in their planning and strategies to further their teaching and learning mission;
  3. Understand pragmatic strategies to ensure the standards are being implemented properly and how to validate plug & play interoperability to improve institutional agility

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