Mobile Teaching and Learning: Engaging Students and Measuring Impact


The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) 2010 focus session on mobile learning brought together a collection of best practices, case studies, and research on mobile technologies' potential to engage students and enhance learning. This session reviews the community's findings and institutional examples of the potential of mobility in the areas of content delivery, student collaboration, and community building. The speakers also share strategies and methodologies to help measure the impact of mobile tools on teaching and learning. Participants will be engaged in these questions: What are your challenges/opportunities in these areas? What research in this area might be useful to the community to further mobility?

How to Cite This Work: Diaz, Veronica. "Mobile Teaching and Learning: Engaging Students and Measuring Impact". Presentation at the 2010 EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research Symposium, Carlsbad, CA, December 7, 2010, available from

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