The Higher Education IT Workforce Landscape Report, 2016


This is the third comprehensive research study on the IT workforce in higher education from the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR). These studies describe the state of the higher education IT workforce across all management levels (CIOs, managers, and staff): demographics, career paths within the IT workforce, factors that affect salary, professional development activities, and factors that impact employee retention. For more information see the The IT Workforce in Higher Education, 2016 hub.

This report, The Higher Education IT Workforce Landscape, 2016, provides a general picture of the state of the IT workforce, including culture, staffing practices,retention incentives, disruptions, and innovations

Citation: Pomerantz, Jeffrey, and D. Christopher Brooks. The Higher Education IT Workforce Landscape, 2016. Research report. Louisville, CO: ECAR, April 2016.

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