2016 EDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS) Benchmarking Report


The 2016 Core Data Service (CDS) Benchmarking Report summarizes key findings from the CDS 2016 survey, provides a glimpse into the breadth of CDS data, and ultimately provides you with an opportunity to conduct your own benchmarking assessment. The customizable graphs contained within this report are meant to be used to assess your IT operation compared to that at peer institutions of similar size, control, or Carnegie Classification.

The CDS 2016 survey concluded with 784 participants. The metrics discussed in this report focus primarily on FY2015/16 central IT financials, staffing, and services from 680 nonspecialized U.S. institutions. Metrics are calculated for each of six Carnegie Classification groupings using the 2010 classification system (AA, BA, MA public, MA private, DR public, and DR private). These groupings provide the most granular breakdown by institutional type possible (given available sample sizes) and should provide suitable comparison groups for most institution types and sizes within the United States. 

How to Use the Report

  1. First, download your data in the CDS Portal. You will use this data set to add your data to the report slides.

  2. Next, go to the report PPT and choose the slides that align with the topics you’re covering.

  3. View the question number in the slide notes, and pull that data from your spreadsheet.

  4. Right click on slide graphics to add your institution’s data.

  5. See how your institution compares to others.

  6. Integrate these customized slides into presentations and reports.

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