2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report® | Teaching and Learning Edition

2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report | Teaching and Learning Edition

This report profiles key trends and emerging technologies and practices shaping the future of teaching and learning and envisions a number of scenarios and implications for that future. It is based on the perspectives and expertise of a global panel of leaders from across the higher education landscape.


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The Future of Teaching and Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the higher education landscape. Though it remains to be seen whether those transformations have taken root and will persist into the future, it isn't hard to imagine that higher education may never be the same in some important ways (good or bad).

Indeed, the potential lasting effects of the pandemic loomed large in our Horizon panelists’ discussions and nominations this year as they identified the trends, technologies, and practices shaping the future of teaching and learning. This report summarizes the results of those discussions and nominations and serves as one vantage point on where our post-pandemic future may be headed.

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Social | Technological | Economic | Environmental | Political

This section of the report describes the trends that are shaping the future of global higher education teaching and learning.

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Key Technologies & Practices

Artificial Intelligence | Blended and Hybrid Course Model | Learning Analytics | Microcredentialing | Open Educational Resources | Quality Online Learning

This section of the report details six key technologies and practices that will have a significant impact on higher education teaching and learning. Included in this section are college and university exemplar projects demonstrating the impact of the technologies and practices.

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This year's report envisions a numbers of scenarios for the future of teaching and learning for which we can start to prepare today.

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Implications: What Do We Do Now?

Australasian Higher Education | South African Higher Education | Turkish Higher Education | US Community Colleges | US Public Doctoral Institutions

This section features five Horizon panelists reflecting on the report's findings and their thoughts on the the ways in which issues overlap, diverge, and intersect in different parts of the world and at institutions of different sizes and types.

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Expert Panel

The 2021 Horizon panel comprised 72 higher education experts from around the globe.

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