The IT Workforce in Higher Education, 2019: CIOs, DEI, HR, Mentoring, and Salaries

The Higher Education IT Workforce Landscape, 2019: CIO, DEI, HR, Mentoring, and Salaries.

This research continues our exploration of the 2019 IT Workforce data, providing a deeper dive into five important topic areas for the higher education IT profession: CIOs; diversity, equity, and inclusion; human resources; mentoring; and salaries.

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Key Findings

Drawing on survey data from nearly 1,600 IT professionals in higher education, each of the five reports in this series highlights a number of important findings (one for each report shown below) that will be useful for technology and higher education professionals in developing the workforce and advancing their careers.


CIOs who hold cabinet posts are three to five times as likely to frequently engage in strategic activities than are their counterparts without cabinet appointments. Read report: HTML | PDF | Executive Summary

Figure 6: Frequency of CIO engagement in strategic activities, by cabinet membership


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Most respondents believe participating in a DEI workshop or training program would make a contribution to their professional growth. Read report: HTML | PDF | Executive Summary

Figure 4: Perceived contributions of a DEI workshop or training to one's professional growth


Human Resources

A majority of IT managers and CIOs view central HR as a resource that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Read the blog.

Figure 1: Support from human resources



Fifty-one percent of Millennial employees were not in a mentoring relationship but wanted to be. Read report: HTML | PDF | Executive Summary

Figure 2: Overall state of mentoring in higher ed IT



Gender inequity is no longer an issue for CIOs and managers, but a significant salary gap between men and women persists among IT staff. Read report: HTML| PDF | Executive Summary | Interactive Salary Calculator

Figure 1: Median salaries by gender



Download the Workforce 2019: DEI, CIOs, Mentoring, Salaries and HR infographic.


Reports and Supporting Materials

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